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Whither The Filler

Posted by hannah in Thoughts & stuff

The desire for men and women to feel good about themselves has never been more in fashion, but fashions change – not least in the aesthetic cosmetic world.  Advancements in molecular science mean options for minor procedures such as filler injections are dramatically improving cosmetic outcomes.

A paradigm shift is happening in the minor cosmetic surgery world, with a move away from the ‘frozen face look’ towards considering ‘the whole face’ rather than simply filling lines or wrinkles.  Whilst toxins such as Botox and Dysport have become ubiquitous tools in the hands of every high street aeshetic salon, new technologies are placing ever-improving techniques in the hands of skilled doctors.  Injectable solutions are coming on the market which give aesthetic specialists the possibility of more subtle outcomes.  One such product is Aquamid, a brand ROAD is working with, produced by Denmark’s Contura.

As its name suggests, Aquamid consists of over 97.5% water, with the remaining molecules staying in the sub-dermis to age with the skin, as opposed to remaining on their own as a solid mass – an the issue with some of the older fillers.

If this is all new to you, just know that the ‘holy grail’ for scientists in this area is finding molecules small enough to be injected comfortably, but bulky enough to provide volume and lift.  Molecules aside, it’s obvious-but-true: A highly-skilled practitioner is key to achieving a natural look, and neither of these will ever go out of fashion.  http://www.contura.com/products/aquamid

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