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Happy 100th Birthday NIVEA. So what’s changed?

Posted by heather in Client news

These days, it’s rare to be working with a brand that’s 100 years old.  When it does happen, the chances are, the brand will have changed beyond recognition since it first launched. NIVEA turns 100 this year, which is news in itself, but the more interesting story is how the brand has managed to stay faithful to its original identity – despite a sea change in what women expect from their skincare. Compare this NIVEA ad’ from the 1920s with L’Oreal’s ‘Because you’re worth it’ campaign, and you’ll get the picture.

This week NIVEA celebrates another birthday: Its Facebook page turns one, which poses the question: If people have been using NIVEA products for 100 years, and Facebook for one, how will the brand and its advocates ‘spread the word’ a century from now?  As Bill Gates said back in the ’90s, “Content is King.” So who knows; in 2111, technology might allow consumers a ‘virtual sample’ of products via scents and textures transported through the ether (all very Blade Runner…) Whatever happens though, emotions will continue to be the touchpoint for communicating the brand, and tapping into those emotions will still require content which stands out from the crowd.

Content-wise, for NIVEA, music has worked particularly well for its Feel Closer campaign.  Consumers readily connected with the brand via its collaboration with American singer, Kaki King (whose cover version of The Cure’s hit, ‘Close To Me’ was used in the ads and webpages.)  The brand had clearly done its homework, and read empirical evidence of the power of music in influencing consumers to pick one brand over another. Our guess is, with the growth of social media, use of music in branded content and campaigns will continue to grow exponentially.

ROAD is proud to be working with NIVEA and other Beiersdorf brands for several years.  All hail innovation in marketing and PR strategy – and a brand that can last 100 years… Happy birthday NIVEA!  Your telegram is on its way….

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